Telephony Secured and Simplified

Empowering disparate communities and diverse network providers
to enable users to communicate securely
within regulated and compliance environments


Core Telephony Bridging Platform available as post Physical and Software ensuring
furture and legacy networks can work seamlessly together.

  • Secure and Compliant Calls

    Ensuring options for recording and transcription whilst delivering security and compliance across PCI and GDPR is at the core of Globility.

  • Simple management

    Our portal services ease the process to set up ingrate and manage telephony services across an entire estate.

  • Flexible Call Services

    Point to Point Calls Multi Circuits Broadcasting Intercom

  • Easy Integration

    Our advanced API, SDKs and hosted payment page means that we can integrate seamlessly into your website or existing voice infrastructure

Extend the communication capabilities across your network with our secure, compliant Telephony Solution.

We’ll guide you through the process, suggesting the best integration option for your business, enabling the right Telephony methods for your customer base and more.

Enables services to be delivered across legacy and future voice technologies whilst ensuring the user controls how they receive and interact with the services.

  • Simplified telephony

    From finance to hospitality to ecommerce to gaming the rich APIs available will enable users and customer to securely and reliably interconnect

  • Unrivalled security

    Ensuring PCI and GDPR compliance through our unique API call set up process

  • Powerfull insights

    Indepth call reporting capabilities providing rich insights into the usage of all services

  • Expanded reach

    Extending the reach and options for networks and business to add voice services to their offerings


  • Enabling communities, service providers and networks to bridge communication between each other and users.
  • Through data collections and customizable api driven Service Channels Reports from standard call data records to call recording and transcription services can be enabled on the fly or as standard.
  • Integrating secure call into Identity management system enables customers and businesses to contact one another safe in the knowledge that both parties are who they say they are without the need to share secrets over the phone line. The solution eases GDPR and provides safeguards to a companies customers.
  • Companies can sign up to Secure Call and start receiving over the phone orders without the need to take payment details over the phone line. Secure Calls out of band data paths mean that data can be processed through integrated applications without the need for operators to request confidential information. PCI-DSS Compliance for a company in minutes.


  • May 2003


    Delivering Telephony Infrastructure to Financial Service Networks

  • Building Communications Solutions

    • Digital Infrastructure
    • Secure Chat Services
    • Voice Messaging
    • Mobile Voice Recording
  • 2014


  • EtherVox 1.0 first Blockchain Telepcom built on Etherum

  • 2022

    140K Channels

  • Building Communications Solutions

    • Digital Infrastructure
    • Secure Chat Services
    • Voice Messaging
    • Mobile Voice Recording
  • 2017

    AB_96 Managing 40.000 Channels

  • 2021


  • 2023

    API Enabled sDNX ev 2.0 released