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Globility specialises in designing, developing and providing integrated communication services.
These can be from: a simple web site to a fully interactive web experience or a basic phone solution to an in-house integrated service linking the telecoms, instant messaging and IT systems together.


Globility have developed a range of solutions that can be used “Off the Shelf” or through our own service network. Our solutions are all focused around delivery of productivity, cost savings and enhanced customer experience through Real-Time information delivery and interaction recording.


Need a full development team? We can build and manage one for you! The Quick Team ethos is to take chunks of work and deliver them through Globility managed Sprints. The Quick Team can be selected to fulfill any area of the solution life-cycle, augmenting your team with the necessary skills in a flexible manner.

The Lab

Through the Lab initiative Globility has invested in a number of opportunities leveraging our technical prowess and investment in infrastructure in order to run as an outsourced R&D lab. These Labs offer a unique mechanism with which to create a new solution with minimal risk whilst ensuring the optimal design and development is utilised..

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Specialists in integrated and flexible communications

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