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Globility looks to spin out Project SMASH

Project SMASH is nearing completion and delivery is a modular desktop client enabling a “SIP MASHup” capability. The client framework enables the delivery of a range of Voice services over a SIP backbone. These included intercom and dedicated “hoot” type circuits alongside standard SIP calling. This service can be controlled through a custom client or via plugins into common applications such as Microsoft Lync and Outlook.

Project SMASH

This Lab was instigated as a means to explore how commonly used Voice services within finance can cost effectively be provided at a cheaper base point to other sectors and markets. Interestingly changing times with voice technology means that the delivery lends itself nicely to the Finance in addition to other service industires.

SIP Services

The SMASH client enables the following core mechanisms for placing a call.

  • Point to Point Intercom – A user can select a contact within the system and initiate a point to point call with them.
  • Group Call – In this scenario a user can create a group call to a team of people within the system. Once initiated the user can communicate with all parties and they can talk back within the conference.
  • Broadcast – This will playthe audio form a TV channel whilst no other calls are connected.

The SMASH Client

The SMASH Client (soon to be given a catchy name) sits on the desktop showing the current state of any of the enable SIP channels.
Users are able to configure the client to leverage multiple audio device across the SIP channels that they have enabled. Additionally rules are implemented to ensure that priorities are given to defined circuits.

SMASH Client

Outlook SMASHup

The Outlook Plug-in is the traditional focus the SMASH client. This enables users to select a contact and click to call them or intercom them in an efficient manner.

Lync 2013 SMASHup

The most recent and in our view exciting SMASH up is that with MS Lync 2013. The Lync SMASHup achieves two key services:

1. The ability to break a circuit from Lync and dial out to a traditional telephony circuit. Yes others have done this but the SMASH enables this through some of the Trader specific solutions such as CAS Private Wires.
2. Taking this further users are now able to extend Lync with a plugin that will enable the control of multiple telephony devices through Lync. Now you can continue a conversation with your headset but also listen to important announcements though other speakers. All controlled through the Lync Plugin.

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