Chat Services

Chat Services

Regular one to one and multi user chat services are a given at Globility. We offer a full hosted and in house chat service for users to communicate within the enterprise as well as with external clients. Utilising the extensible XMPP IM solution Globility can provide a range of services over and above one to one chats.

Support Chat

A web based solution for offering live support from a web page with no installation required on the users desktop. Workflows can be utilised to route support to the best representative available.

Group Chat

Whether web based or utilising the Globility IM Client (See our IM Client Community Lab) we can offer a dynamic Multi User Chat as well as persistent Chat Rooms which can be used for News, Support or general Gossip.

Moderated Chat

Running an online forum is great and the Globility Web Chat enables this again direct from a web page with no need for an client downloads. Additionally the forums can be moderated in real-time so only the relevant questions are posted into the live debate and key personnel can be alerted to answer specific questions as they arise.

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