Hosted Voice Messaging: Record and Deliver

Hosted Voice Messaging: Record and Deliver

The Globility Message Portal helps users to deliver consistent and fresh messages to a wide contact base in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The application goes across sectors and service from Disaster Recovery messaging to simple meeting alerts to full Sales Analytics reports to key customers.

Why Use Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging has a number of uses across a range of sectors.

The key reasons are to ensure the consistent and efficient distribution of critical content. With a mix of Answer Machine Detection and the use of IVR solutions Voice Messaging can accurately provide details of who has listened to messages in real time.

Additionally integration with IVR prompts can make the call an interactive experience. As with all forms of communication we do not advocate Voice Blast as the means to replace Email, SMS nor the regular phone call. It is simply another form of communication and one that has its place amongst the others. A number of use cases are defined below:

  • Distribute Research Information
  • Part of the Disaster Recovery Process
  • Appointment Reminders and Confirmations
  • Warnings, Alerts and Announcements
  • Just for Fun

Key Benefits of the Message Portal

The Globility Message Portal includes a number of key features to ensure an excellent experience for both the user and the contacts.

  • Ease of Use
  • Callback to defined number
  • Answer Machine Detection
  • Message Management
  • Archiving and Compliance
  • Blast Scheduling

Service Benefits

Having understood how Voice Messaging can help and the benefits VoiceConnect offer the next question is why use a hosted model? At Globility we are happy to provide both on site and hosted services. Indeed the solution is built to integrate with in-house solutions as well as be used as a hosted service. When deciding upon a model key questions are:

  • How quickly do I need the service?
  • How cost effective is it?
  • How important is Security and Reliability?

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