Globility specialises in designing, developing and providing integrated communication services. These can be from a simple web site to a fully interactive web experience.
A basic phone solutions to an in-house integrated service linking phones, instant messaging and IT systems together

Globility creates technology stacks for a given job utilising best of breed technology and frameworks with a strong emphasis on utilising Open Source software where available. Globility continually invests in the exploration of new technologies, frameworks and solutions within its own R&D centre – The Lab.
Globility can work on solutions to build and enhance in house solutions, integrate technology for productivity services right through to the creation of a bespoke solution or service for a company to sell. Globility creates a team to meet the specific needs of the client.

Globility provides a flexible means to fulfil companies’ requirements with three core team makeups:


Globility consultancy provides contractors to fulfil roles based on budget and requirement. Consultancy looks to augment an in house team with onsite and offsite engineers and designers all manage by your team yet backed up the resources with in house experts.


Need a full development team? We can build and manage one for you. The Quick Team ethos is to take chunks of works and deliver them through Globility managed sprints. The Team can be selected to fulfil any area of the solution lifecycle augmenting your team with the necessary skills in a flexible manner.

Agile Labs

The Globility Agile Labs provide a new mechanism for the structured investigation of new ideas and concepts. These Labs offer a unique mechanism with which to create a new solution with minimal risk whilst ensuring the optimal design and development is utilised.

The Globility Service covers a full lifecycle of the deployment process:

  • Initial idea strategy

    • Globility will work with the customer to ensure the concept is fully understood, from both a user and business point of view. The stategy phase can help define a strategy and idea acting as a soud board as well as offering suggestions.

  • Branding and Design

    • from the outset the Globility Graphics team can be engaged to ensure a common brand is used throughout. Globility can help with the design concepts or simply ensure that the solution fits within the client’s own design.

  • Wireframing

    • Globility will build the User story board through wireframes ensuring all the key functional requirements are captured as early as possible.

  • Stack Planning

    • the Globility Tech teams can work on the core software design utilising the best “stack” of technology, frameworks and methodologies to for the specific solution.

  • System Design

    • Globility will take the wireframes and strategy and define a system design to fulfil the immediate requirements and ensure the design is developed in a cost effective manner to meet these whilst future proof for future scaling and enhancements.

  • Prototyping

    • Globility has fully adopted an Agile development process and commences a project with an initial Prototype Sprint. This delivers an initial working model of the core concepts of the solution enabling an initial look at the solution for the client and user base for initial feedback before lancing into the core Engineering build.

  • Scrum

    • The Agile methodology defines an initial meeting of the client team and the Engineering management team in order to structure the required outputs for the forthcoming Sprint.

  • Build

    • From the Prototype Globility continues with the Agile development to build and deliver an initial v1.0 followed by quick iterations of enhancements ensuring solutions are delivered within agreed timeframes to a defined functional specification.

  • Test

    • Upon completion of each task separate test teams check the deployment and automated scripts are designed and utilised where possible. Throughout the engineering process test scripts are written and continually revised monitored for each release.

  • Content

    • the Globility team have experience in the design, creation and packaging of fully wrapped trunkey deployments of their solutions. Multiinational Telecom providers are amongst the clients leveraging this turnkey model for deployment.

  • Hosting

    • Globility will work with the client to ensure that the solution can be managed in a secure and reliable manner, whether under the management of the client or if required co located within Globility’s hosting environments.

  • Support

    • Deployment does not end the cycle solutions require support in order to maintain there on going use. Globility can help with both providing a support service and also support technology in the form of Web Based IM, suggested ticketing services and other strategies.

  • Marketing Strategy

    • Underpinning the Development – Globility have an in house Marketing and graphical design team backing up each stage of the process from UI to the Company Website and brochures ensuring a single design and message is communicated throughout. Online Marketing through various networks is becoming continually more important to the success of a launch and an area within which Globility can help.

  • Delivery Strategies

    • Solutions can be delivered in a range of ways from online stores, mobile app stores, as a web service to a single install one off purchase. Globility can work with the customer to define the best strategy for the specific solution.

  • Launch PR

    • Globility will work with the customer to ensure that the correct focus on features, technology and strategy can be defined and articulated to the target audience with each piece of PR that is distributed.

  • Sample Testing

    • Globility can work with the client and end uusers in order to ensure that the solution is tested both from a functional but also a UI point of view. Details can be gathered and analysed to ensure that the points are captured and fed back into the solution on a Design, Marketing and Deployment level.

  • Analytics Strategy

    • Analytical planning is critical to the success of a solution. Globility will work with the client in order to ensure the best solutions are deployed.

  • Data Retrieval/Analysis
  • User Feedback

    • Globility works with the client and potentially end users in order to gather feedback and acceptance for the both the current release and future alterations.

  • Solution Roadmap

    • Building and deploying the solution is the start. Growing the company and maintaining the advantage that instigated the initial solution is where the focus must now shift. Globility will work with the client to ensure the analysis and feedback can form future enhancements to the solution creating a that roadmap that will keep the solution meeting the needs of the user and as such ahead of the competition.


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