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Engagement Marketing for Bar Venues with Promobar

promobarA framework to enable Promotional games to be delivered across mobile and desktop web browsers.

PromoBar seeks to redesign traditional card-based marketing solutions, enabling brands to engage effectively with consumers. The goal is to improve the uptake and accuracy of venue based marketing campaigns through the delivery of enjoyable games with real-time, digital data capture.

Check the Promobar sample site to try out the solution.

Why PromoBar?

PromoBar was designed to help a client resolve three core issues with their bar-venue based marketing solution:

  • Traditional scratch card and loyalty card type promotions invariably do not return accurate and reliable data to the supplier nor venue
  • The level of engagement is generally minimal
  • Actual consumer enjoyment is limited to the free reward gained at the end

What is PromoBar

A simple framework for the creation of Promotional Games which consumers can play on their mobile phones.
Venues, Event Managers and Brand Managers can create “betting” games with allocated rewards for winning participants in the form of promotional drinks and general “stash”.
Vouchers are then distributed in the form of QR codes to player who win the various games.
Consumer details, reward selections, game choices and question answers are all gathered in real time.

PromoBar Benefits

PromoBar seeks to improve the customer experience through interactive games where by the user gets to “play the bar”, enter league based games or even knock outs.
Games can be linked to live events such as Football matches to ensure a period of customer retention
Games and rewards can be dynamically driven based upon results and uptake to ensure maximum response
Digital capture and linkage to consumers phones ensures a greater degree of accurate data capture


PromoBar has been built upon a set of APIs that enable Game Creation, Branding and additionally reward creation and allocation. Soon these APIs will be released enable game vendors to add interactive betting to their games and site owners to drop branded and customised Experiential game widgets to their own websites.

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